Master of Science in Big Data Analytics

The MS in Big Data Analytics program is a one-year graduate program designed to provide real-world experience in critical analytical skills that are needed in the fast-growing field of data analytics.

It focuses on preparing students to formulate strategies and make critical decisions based on real data. The curriculum offers an intensive study of data mining, data visualization, machine learning, statistical modeling, and big data computing infrastructure and technologies.

Training allows the students to sharpen their organizational and technical competencies to implement data gathering, cleansing, integration and modeling tasks and data asset analysis for applications in different fields. It is aimed at students who wish to become data scientists and analysts in professional and academic.



Reinaldo Sanchez-Arias, PhD

Big Data Analytics Program Director

School of Science

St. Thomas University

Lauren Eadeh, M.A.

Executive Coordinator for Graduate Recruitment

Office of Admissions

St. Thomas University

Office: 305.474.6073

Cellphone: 305.397.9672